Tooth Extractions

Dr. Levey performs tooth extractions in the comfort of our Croton On Hudson dentist office when deemed necessary for long term dental health. Tooth extractions are always considered the option of last resort- recommended only when a root canal is not sufficient due to severe damage or infection.

Dr. Levey is a highly trained dentist with over 20 years of experience in general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry who will work with you to determine the best tooth replacement solution for your smile.

Tooth Extractions: What To Expect

Dr. Levey and our staff will fully explain all aspects of your tooth extraction procedure as well as how to care for your oral health afterwards to ensure proper healing. We will also discuss your medical history to determine if preventive antibiotics should be taken prior to the procedure.

For simple extractions, we offer local anesthetics for your comfort. For patients who feel especially anxious or who suffer with dental anxiety, our office also offers sedation options so you can feel completely relaxed during the procedure.

If you experience fever, severe pain in the socket area or significant bleeding restarts after several hours, contact our office as soon as possible.