Root Canal

Dr. Levey will always strive to maintain the health of your natural teeth, reserving tooth extraction as a last resort for severely diseased or decayed teeth. A root canal will be recommended to save a natural tooth whenever possible.

Many advances in both materials and techniques have made the root canal procedure less painful and more effective, enabling you to avoid losing a tooth and restoring your overall oral health.

Root Canals: What To Expect

The “root canal” is the interior of a tooth where the pulp and nerves are located. A root canal will be recommended when a tooth is significantly damaged or has decay that extends into the pulp chamber. Tooth pain is usually the first sign patients experience, though Dr. Levey can spot early signs of infection during routine dental examinations.

Dr. Levey will explain the process prior to your treatment and ensure your comfort during the procedure. In most cases, a root canal is no more uncomfortable than a dental filling.

To strengthen a tooth after root canal therapy, Dr. Levey may recommend the use of a dental crown. Custom fit and color matched to your natural teeth, a dental crown fits around the tooth like a cap and will support the long term health of the tooth. In many cases, Dr. Levey can place your new crown during a single visit with CEREC technology.

A root canal will restore a healthy tooth and preserve your natural smile for years to come.