Periodontal Therapy

perio protect croton on hudson nyDr. Bard Levey emphasizes the importance of maintaining healthy gums- they are not only the support structure for healthy teeth, but serve as a barrier to harmful bacteria that can enter the bloodstream and affect overall physical health. This mouth body connection continues to be carefully studied, producing growing evidence that strains of oral bacteria can cause inflammation in many areas of the body and are connected to a wide range of diseases.

Gum disease affects approximately 75% of adults and remains the leading cause of tooth loss today. Late stage gum disease is preventable with routine dental care. Twice yearly visits to our Croton On Hudson dentist office provide Dr. Levey the opportunity to identify and address early signs of gum disease before permanent damage is done.

Dr. Levey provides a thorough and comprehensive periodontal screening, enhanced by the use of evaluation and identification of your oral bacteria to determine both the health of your gums and associated risks for systemic disease. Using a Phased Contrast Microscope, Dr. Levey can look for the presence of bacteria that has been connected with inflammation in the body which can lead to systemic disease.