Our Technology

Dr. Bard Levey has a leading local dentist in the incorporation of advanced technology for an improved patient experience. Our Croton On Hudson dentist office remains committed to offering our patients the highest possible standard of dental health care with a one-on-one approach, using quality materials and technology to enhance your diagnosis and results. The dental technology we have incorporated is carefully chosen to enhance both your comfort and your results.

Digital X-rays

digital dental x rays croton on hudson ny
To limit your exposure to radiation and provide high resolution images for improved diagnostics, Dr. Levey uses digital x-rays. These images can remain in your digital dental health history for future reference or referrals.


oral cancer screening with velscope croton on hudson ny
Oral cancer screening is quick, painless and an important part of your routine dental care, providing the often life-saving opportunity for early diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Levey enhabces the visual examination with VELscope technology. This hand held device takes mere seconds to spot irregularities in soft tissue with fluorescent light that can indicate developing disease.


diagnodent cavity detection
Dr. Levey uses the DIAGNOdent hand held device look for the early warning signs of tooth decay that are unable to be detected with a visual exam. Using laser fluorescence, DIAGNOdent can help patients avoid permanent tooth damage with early intervention.

Phase Contrast Microscope

phased contrast microscopy dentistry
Another important aspect of oral health is gum health. Dr. Levey emphasizes the role that the gums play in keeping your smile healthy and screens for periodontal disease during all routine preventive care visits.

Through the use of a phase contrast microscope, Dr. Levey and our staff can identify the type of bacteria in your mouth and offer appropriate recommendations for treatment. It also enables us to alert patients to elevated health risks associated with certain types of bacteria found in the mouth that are linked to systemic disease.


tekscan for tmj disorders
TMJ disorders can have many manifestations, including headaches, jaw pain and difficulty chewing. Dr. Levey uses the T-Scan® digital bite mapping hand held device to evaluate occlusion and diagnose bite problems in order to recommend treatment that will be effective and lasting. A balanced bite is a comfortable, functional bite.

Laser Dentistry

laser dentistry westchester county ny
Dr. Levey uses dental lasers to treat both hard and soft tissue with less discomfort, side effects or need for anesthetics. Laser dentistry can treat a wide range of periodontal concerns, reducing the need for oral surgery or enhancing the appearance of your smile.


same day crowns westchester county ny
Dr. Levey is proud to have been one of the first users of CEREC CAD/CAM technology in the U.S. This digital dental technology enables Dr. Levey to create high quality, custom fit dental restorations during a single visit to our Westchester County dentist office. The many benefits include no need for messy impression trays, instead using a highly accurate hand held digital scanner.